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Wine and Food

The enogastronomy of the Altopiano di Pinè and Val di Cembra is characterized by genuine flavors that respect the mountain tradition and that of Trentino. Real temptations that are hard to resist: from wines to grappas, from cheeses to chestnuts, from honey to small fruits, not to mention the mushrooms from our forests. The Val di Cembra is one of the most characteristic areas of Trentino thanks to its landscape shaped by terraced vineyards along the Avisio stream. Here, natural environment and enogastronomy come together in a winning combination that becomes a celebration during two annual events: The Müller Thurgau Review in July and the Grape Festival on the last weekend of September. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, currants, and blackberries are some of the small forest fruits produced on the Altopiano di Piné, palate delights that can be enjoyed fresh or transformed into juices, jams, and excellent desserts, along with the sweetest honey, cheeses, and cured meats. All these delicacies can be tasted at our Ca’ dei Boci Restaurant and purchased from local producers, or at the typical products market in Baselga di Piné. While walking in the woods, you can relax and gather mushrooms, wild berries, walnuts, and chestnuts, natural products of Trentino, which when eaten fresh have a completely different taste. Don’t forget to request permission from the appropriate offices. A holiday in Trentino becomes a journey for the palate, a gastronomic tour to rediscover the true flavors of tradition and nature: a pleasure for both spirit and body.

Shops, wineries, and distilleries.

Pinè Salumi

Since 1948, products have been made with carefully selected prime quality meats and with particular processes that fully respect the typically Trentino taste. The microclimate of the Altopiano di Pinè allows for a special aging process that gives the cured meats their unmistakable mountain flavor. This, along with a meticulous selection of national meats, makes each of its products qualitatively superior.

Via V.Verdi, 15/c – 38043 Centrale di Pinè (TN)
Tel: 0461 555235  –

Azienda agricola Le Mandre

The “Le Mandre” Agricultural Company is a family-run business that produces milk, which is then transformed into their raw milk products. These can be purchased directly at the company’s retail outlet, which is open all year round. The educational farm passionately contributes to the preservation of the environment, biodiversity, and landscape. You can visit the farm and taste their products on their panoramic terrace from Easter to November.

Via Sant’Osvaldo, 37 – 38043 Bedollo (TN)
Tel: 0461 556709

Gocce d’Oro, Apicoltura e Giardino d’Erbe

Beekeeping was established in the year 2000, but the passion for bees originated in 1850, when their great-grandfather Pietro began to breed this wonderful insect. Beekeeping was carried on by successive generations until the early nineties, when Rino, unable to continue caring for his beehives, donated them to the current beekeepers who, together with their children, decided to continue and expand the activity, renewing it. Rino, a friend of the great beekeeping master Abramo Andreatta, author of numerous treatises on bees, was well versed in honey production techniques in mountain areas and, along with the bees, he also passed on his passion and secrets.

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 35 – 38043 Piazze (TN)
Tel: 0461 556037  –

Sant’Orsola Piccoli frutti

Sant’Orsola is an Organization of Agricultural Producers specializing in the production and sale of small fruits, strawberries, and cherries. It is based in Trentino, in Pergine Valsugana, a few kilometers east of Trento, and currently relies on the work of over 1,000 member companies, including very small part-time businesses, specialized part-time businesses, and professional companies.

Via Lagorai, 131 – 38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)
Tel: 0461 518111

Distilleria Pilzer

Since 1956, they have been producing excellent grappas and fine spirits. Their headquarters is located in Portegnac, just outside Faver. A quiet place, which jealously hides a part of the history of the Valle di Cembra: an ancient place of water and spirit.

Loc. Faver, 131 – 38092 Altavalle (TN)
Tel: 0461 683326 –

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